Mackenzie Mayor Joan Atkinson can’t say enough good things about the number of people who helped find a missing four-year-old boy who had been away from his family for more than 30 hours.

Last night, George was located after being reported missing on Saturday near Lions Lake, south of the community along Highway 39.

Atkinson explained to how she found out about the exciting news.

“My son lives close to the hospital and he phoned me and said that a chopper had just landed at the hospital and so I made a phone call to some of the municipal staff and when they did confirm, the word got out on the street really, really quickly.”

The whole scenario in and of itself is something to behold according to Atkinson.

“To even think about a four-year-old child out in the dense woods for 30 hours and it has been cold and wet here and the fact that it was a child is nothing short of a miracle.”

In her 22 years living in Mackenzie, and has never come across something like this but was made aware of a similar situation that occurred in the north.

“I do know a friend was telling me she remembered back a number of years ago in Houston about two five-year-olds who were lost in the woods for a couple of days where one kid made it and the other one didn’t.”

Atkinson said it was a scary situation for everyone involved including the family but the discovery was a result of all the volunteers and search and rescue crews who made it all possible.