The summer of 2019 in the Prince George Fire Centre has been the exact opposite of what we have seen in the past two years.

After experiencing desert-like conditions to go along with back to back record-breaking wildfire seasons, the rainy weather has put a damper on any sort of fires from popping up.

Fire Information Officer, Steve Hamilton listed the 2019 numbers with

“To date this year, we have had 138 fires in the Prince George Fire Centre compared to 411 last year so we are quite a bit slower but it doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet – we do have quite a bit of the wildfire season remaining.”

It’s pretty safe to say crews aren’t taking a lax approach to the slower workload.

“As I have said, it’s been a slower fire season than the last couple of years but the stress levels are still there when the fires do get called and we’re still working hard to be ready for action when we need to.”

Hamilton adds crews are staying sharp by conducting training exercises and responding to the minimal starts they’ve gone out to this year.