With the amount of rain expected in the Prince George area this week, the chance of any new wildfires starting could be cut in half.

Molly Blower with the Prince George Fire Centre told MyNechakoValleyNow.com while the rains will help, it won’t be the be all, end all.

“With precipitation, it does help decrease the dryness of the fuel and lowers the fire danger rating, however, some areas even though we are getting precipitation the fuel will remain dry because it has been quite dry during the spring and early summer.”

Now if Mother Nature does plan to bring on the rain, Blower estimates this will bring down the fire danger rating but admits there hasn’t been a lot of activity in the past week.

“There are now fire prohibitions in place and there aren’t expected to be any in the near future and they have only been one new fire in Prince George since last Thursday so we are looking quite good when it comes to fire activity.”

Temperatures are expected to be around the 20-degree mark.

Prince George could see four straight days of rain between Thursday and Sunday.