An umbrella will come in handy this week in Vanderhoof as plenty of rain is in the forecast.

According to Environment Canada Meteorologist, Phillippe-Alain Bergeron, the slushy conditions could begin as early as today.

“We will start with a few showers this afternoon, there is also a risk of thunderstorms and this pattern will pretty much stay in place for several days throughout the week.”

“The storm system, or what we call the cold low is gaining some strength again and has the potential for heavier rain toward the end of the week.”

Between five to ten millimetres of rain could fall on Tuesday and could pick up again by Friday.

Temperatures are expected to hover around the 20-degree mark all week.

Bergeron did add the showery activity should go a long way in keeping the wildfires away from the Prince George Fire Centre.

“Ya, we are hoping for the best especially towards the end of the week as I was mentioning where it could be a more substantial amount of rain so that could be helpful in getting the fire risk down.”