Pavement marking is now underway throughout the province for its highways.

Pavement markings of Highway 16 near Vanderhoof and Highway 97 in the area of Prince George are taking place this week.

This year, it comes with a higher standard with an effort of making the paint easier for motorists to see.

In December of 2018, new pavement marking service agreements were signed around the province through an open bidding process. The following changes were made to improve previous agreements:

  • 20 per cent more lines being painted annually throughout the province
  • use of larger glass beads in coastal areas for increased reflectivity and visibility at night, and thicker paint for longer-lasting pavement marking
  • second-coat application in areas that experience premature wear
  • enhanced contractor monitoring and auditing to maintain consistent performance

Due to more favourable weather conditions, the first lines were painted in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island.

Drivers are reminded to slow down, obey all traffic control personnel, as well as the use of caution when traveling through areas where crews are marking pavement.