It was a major thrill for Melissa Wakeman to speak and receive some recognition during CNC’s Student Awards night earlier this week in Prince George.

She was presented with the $500 Laureen Ens Endowment Scholarship by the University Hospital’s Auxiliary, a group she previously was involved with.

The second-year nursing student explains some of her life experiences led her to pursue this career path.

“When I was eight, my high school classmate saved somebody and another time when I was 21, I was in a motorcycle accident and a friend has passed away under my hand despite my best efforts so it kind of gave me that direction to move into medicine.”

It was also thrilling honor based on her previous experience with Auxiliary.

“You know, it was a wonderful experience to win an award because I used to volunteer with the auxiliary group and I only have fond memories of working alongside the other volunteers and the people I met along the way so it really meant a lot to have it come from them.”

“I still have the passion for it and I definitely love a good mystery in life as well as the uncertainty as a nurse, I also get to work with other professionals every day to engage in that passionate care with my patients.”

The ceremony featured 135 awards, which saw over $93,000 awarded to students at the college.