The results are in.

After conducting a survey regarding the privatization of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, the third-year students of UNBC’s political science program have gathered their findings after nearly receiving 1,800 responses.

When the survey first got underway, students were hoping to receive 1,000 entries, which was said to provide the group with a sufficient and fair result for the survey.

The students sent out the survey on March 21 and had the public able to complete it for the seven days to follow.

“We found that residents in Northern BC were typically in favour of the privatization of ICBC. Out of the 593 respondents in the northern region, 347 were in favour of it,” Student Alysa Willmann told MyPGNow.

Willmann added that respondents came from across the province, with a surprising turnout from the Vancouver and Island areas of the province.