Environment Canada is bracing for at least one last blast of winter for most of Northern BC.

A snowfall warning has been issued for Highway 97 and the Pine Pass this morning where up to 10 centimetres could fall between now and this evening.

However, the snow isn’t expected to last due to the warmer temperatures in PG according to Meteorologist, Trevor Smith.

“We’re getting a flow of air from the Pacific, something we haven’t seen in over a month so we’re looking at temperatures on the plus side of freezing over the next couple of days and tomorrow is expected to be sunny so that should help any new snowfall.”

“With that southerly wind, we should hit around plus four by this afternoon so it’s probably not going to stick around for that long specifically in the Prince George area.”

The temperatures are expected to get even warmer later on in the week, potentially getting as high as plus ten by the weekend.

Smith explains to My PG Now what this could mean on the type of snowmelt we could have later on in the spring season.

“Overnight lows are still going to be well below zero, anywhere from about minus five to minus eight, I don’t expect anything too drastic but even then we’re not going to see any snowmelt from the mountains just yet, that’s kind of for the May timeframe.”

Other communities that could be impacted by the snow include the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District as well as Fort Saint James.