A construction company is denying accusations from the NCRA of unpaid bills after contractors completed work, however, neither parties are willing to back up their own claims.

Last week, Scott Bone, CEO of Northern Regional Construction Association (NCRA) told MyPGNow.com that contractors are still owed money by Calgary-based UPA Construction Ltd after work on the Marriott Courtyard Hotel. 

They were calling for members of the NRCA to boycott the $30-million hotel in Prince George, nearly a year after it opened its doors back in May of 2018.

There are two important pieces of information missing from the conversation; a) a list of the alleged unpaid contractors from Bone and b) proof of payment from Richard Allen, President of UPA.

For his part, Allen said he could not provide receipts for payment because they are confidential information between the company and the contractors. He also said he has never been given a list of the contractors that Bone alleges are owed money. 

“We have paid these trades. We do have a paper trail, absolutely. We have settled with them and we’re done,” said Allen.  

“He (Bone) has made some outrageous claims and I don’t know why he is making these claims at this point in the project. It’s completed, people have been paid, and now he’s trying to hurt people that shouldn’t be hurt.”  

On the other side, Bone was unwilling to provide a list of the slighted contractors. When contacted by MyPGNow.com today, Bone said he “no longer wanted to have a dialogue” about the issue.  

Allen said UPA is preparing a statement where they would “get all these facts correct,” but were not prepared to release one at this point.