The Ministry of Environment and Northern Health have issued an Air Quality Advisory for much of Northern BC.

Air Quality Meteorologist, Ben Weinstein explains how many communities are currently affected.

“Particulate matter has escalated to the level where we need to issue our air quality advisory. Prince George is an affected community along with Vanderhoof, Smithers, and Houston.”

As for how long the advisory is expected to last, Weinstein states that’s up in the air.

“It’s not quite clear. I would say there is still a chance we can get some relief tonight with a mixture that is passing through overnight but I am not counting on it for sure so this could last a day or so.”

Infants, the elderly and those with diabetes, heart, and lung disease concern this part of the demographic.

Anyone who does any strenuous work outdoors is asked to postpone until the advisory is lifted.

“Studies show exposure to this can create aggravated asthma, decreased lung function and increased respiratory symptoms.”

Real-time observation can be found here.