Another chilly weekend is in store for Prince George as overnight temperatures could reach between -30 and -40 with the wind chill once again.

This has led to Environment Canada issuing an Extreme Cold Warning for the second time this week.

Meteorologist Ross MacDonald told My Nechako Valley Now the cold snap could be sticking around for another week.

“We’re kind of a locked into this colder pattern. The strong kind of colder arctic air will return and we’ll be kind of locked into that for another week as well, we’ll see some moderation in the temperatures.”

He adds this has forced weather models to be well-below seasonal for this time of year.

“This time of year for the area we normally see high getting to minus two or minus three for this time of year and overnight lows of about minus eleven to minus thirteen. With overnight lows dipping to about minus thirty and daytime highs that are going to really struggle we are about ten to fifteen degrees below normal.”

However, MacDonald does expect the temperatures to moderate by the end of the weekend.

“We’re going to see the temperatures in regards to the overnight lows at least only get down to the mid minus twenties. Whereas we’re getting close to about minus thirty tonight, we’ll go down to about minus twenty-five on about Saturday night and perhaps by Monday, only about minus twenty.”