The Students’ Union at CNC is asking the school for $50,000 to help bring back the college’s Kodiak sports teams, improve student life experiences as well as mentorship programs.

The announcement was made Friday during a public consultation session.

In an interview with My PG Now, Business Student Kyndra Sarrell confirmed she’s heading up the revival of the volleyball programs and was quite shocked the teams haven’t been active for so long.

“Sports teams haven’t been a part of CNC since the 1980s so that was an instant shock and that was something that needed to be changed because athletics are such an important part of the school and the school spirit.”

Students’ Union Spokesperson, Harman Dandiwal says potentially getting athletics back at CNC could do wonders when recruiting students.

“This is a big piece for student recruitment as it is huge having these opportunities on-campus as it attracts a lot of people and it kind of helps when you’re in high school and you are engaged in sports, you are more likely to attend a school that has athletics and everything.”

Dandiwal adds they’re hoping to hear back from the school rather quickly as they are chomping at the bit to get the ball rolling.

“We’re hoping to get athletics started pretty soon. We already have Kyndra who is taking the lead on the volleyball teams, she is organizing the women’s team and the men’s team is already on campus. But, come the fall, we would like to add basketball and soccer as well.”

“It would help our recruiters a lot to go out to high schools and other presentations to help bring students on-campus and this one final and entertaining thing to add as we already have the infrastructure, we already have the staff and students union to make things work.”

The school is looking to hold at Volleyball tournament at CNC slated for March 2nd and 3rd.

Vice-President Academic, Dr. Chad Thompson says the students union will match the funding offered by the school, essentially doubling the financial contribution.