It’s a new name but it’s the same game.

The Prince George Equine and Animal Rescue has re branded themselves as the Prince George Animal Rescue, complete with a new sign and logo.

The non-profit, 100% volunteer run organization saved hundreds of animals including horses, dogs, cats, pigs and chickens last year, and are changing their name to let people know they take in more than just horses.

“Just so people would be aware that we deal a lot with dogs and cats, it really surprised people that didn’t even know we were out there because if you’re not into horses, then you may not even know we exist,” said Nicola Redpath, owner of the rescue centre.  

Redpath said their intake numbers have changed since 2017.

“Numbers are down as far as horses go, but unfortunately numbers are up for cats and dogs. This is the sort of business where you want your numbers to be low not high.”

She said awareness that they take them is a contributing factor to the increase in cats and dogs.

The rescue centre is completely donation-run and if you’d like to support them, you can do so by following this link.