Husky Energy’s Prince George Refinery could be sold along with other Canadian retail and commercial fuels business following a strategic review. This comes as the company becomes more focused on core assets in its Integrated Corridor and on its Offshore business in Atlantic Canada and the Asia Pacific region.

The 12,000 barrel-per-day PG Refinery processes light oil into things like low-sulphur gasoline and ultra-low sulphur diesel, as well as other products. It supplies refined products to retail outlets in the central and northern regions of British Columbia.

“The PG refinery has been a very good operation for us but it doesn’t fit into that integrated corridor,” explained Spokesman Mel Duvall.

“We don’t produce a lot of light oil and the Prince George refinery is a light oil refinery.”

If or when a sale does happen, Duvall said no jobs are expected to be affected.

In a statement, CEO Rob Peabody said “we expect the businesses will be highly marketable, attracting strong interest and valuations. Husky delivers value to its customers and we anticipate that high level of quality and service will continue whether or not the businesses are sold.”

Husky’s retail and commercial network consists of over 500 stations, travel centres, cardlock operations, and bulk distribution facilities from BC to New Brunswick.