“It’s a Celtic knot ‘T’ that just turned out as circles & garbage.”

It’s not a claim to fame most want to have, but if you’ve got some awful ink, a tattoo shop in Vanderhoof wants to help you out.

R2TAT2 is looking for the ugliest tattoos in the North, and they’re giving a fix worth $1,000 to the… winner?

“We were thinking about ugly sweaters and it kind of morphed into ugly tattoos. I kept thinking about all of the people who come into my shop with ugly tattoos trying to get them fixed,” said Kirstin Rudolph, tattoo artist and owner of R2TAT2.

“There are so many bad ones out there.”

So far, there’s close to 100 comments on the contest thread, and Rudolph said they’ve seen people from all over.

“The devil d*** has definitely generated the most, the thread is hilarious and he’s actually got a really great sense of humour about it.”

On January 22nd, they’ll be taking all of the photos they’ve received and will be asking social media users to judge them.

“Everyone out there in Facebook land will get a chance to vote on the tattoo they think deserves the cover-up or fix, or whatever it is that we’re going to do to this tattoo to save it, so this person can go out in public again without being embarrassed.”

“Here’s the worst $150 I ever spent.”

Voting for the contest closes on January 26th at 5:00pm.

If you yourself have some permanent artwork you find undesirable or would like to vote on some, you can follow this link.