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MP Zimmer, 25,000 Canadians hope Feds reclassify AR-15

Prince George – Peace River MP Bob Zimmer presented the Federal Government on Friday with the largest online federal petition ever.

25,249 (25,051 Canadians) signed a petition to reclassify the semi-automatic “AR-15” as a non-restricted firearm. 5183 of them were from BC.

Zimmer firmly believes the gun should be available.

“It doesn’t make sense,’ he says, “You’ll see one firearm right beside another and they’re practically identical firearms but one will be restricted and one not.”

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Zimmer has also the support of National Firearms Association’s President Sheldon Clare.

“The whole classification system is nonsense. The classification system is based on the idea that some firearms are worse or nastier or more dangerous somehow than other firearms, and that’s really, simply not the case. They all tend to more a projectile down range. The difference is human behaviour,” he says.

Moving forward, Zimmer would like to make a class system that he says would “make sense to everyone.”

The government has 45 days from May 13th to respond.

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