The Operation Red Nose (ORN) service is still as busy as ever with more holiday parties taking place in Prince George.

More than 5,600-kilometres of travel was covered by more than 130 volunteer drivers between 9PM and 3AM Friday and Saturday.

This totals 216 safe rides home with 104 on Friday night alone, which, according to ORN, is a new record.

The previous mark was 95 rides in both 2014 and 2015, which shows the continued need for the service.

“Teams were criss-crossing the City both nights for the majority of the six hours that we were on the road and managed to keep up to the demand in rides,” Spokesperson Andrea Johnson explained in a statement.

The combined total for the 2018 season thus far shows more than 340 rides, but Operation Red Nose is still asking the public to help them out for New Year’s Eve.

Another 36 drivers are needed for the busiest night of service.