Better rights recognition and child welfare legislations were top of mind at this week’s Assembly of First Nations Special Chiefs Assembly.

Regional Chief Terry Teegee said more input from First Nations will be needed when looking at the recognition of rights.

“The way I see it is it’s a restart in regards to the process of determining what that legislation will look like in terms of rights recognition.”

Also speaking at the event was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He called this development a new relationship.*

“It means being guided by recognition of rights and decolonizing our laws. That’s exactly what we’re doing by overhauling the Comprehensive Claims and Inherent Rights policy.”

When looking at the need for a stronger Indigenous voice, Teegee noted it is especially important for the child welfare issue.

“Legislation development will begin for child welfare and, really, it’s First Nations taking over jurisdiction on child welfare issues,” he said, before dropping a disappointing statistic.

“Right now, the vast majority of children in care are Indigenous children across this country and that needs to stop.”

Teegee is now moving on to Montreal for the First Ministers Conference. He plans to bring forward First Nations issues regarding economic development.

*Quote pulled from CPAC video stream