Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad says the new Clean BC plan dolled out by the province has both good and bad attached to it.

On one hand, he agrees with the fact more young trees will be planted to help replenish our forests in Northern BC, especially those that have been severely burned by the recent wildfires.

However, the BC Liberal representative adds the legislation looks quite similar to the one his party put in place, which had a strong emphasis on Site C.

“In particular it relies heavily on electricity and utilizing it for industry which puts a huge demand on things like Site C and they opposed Site C for a decade along with the Green party and now they are celebrating.”

Rustad adds while we need to make sure our forests are replenished, the climate change does put a cap on any future LNG projects that could be done in the north.

“The targets are so aggressive that it will be difficult to see LNG Canada go out to its force trains that it would like to be able to produce and make it almost impossible for a second project to start.”

The new plan has several time-orientated goals like a net zero energy mandate by 2032 along with cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 50% as of 2050.

While is the pleased by the NDP’s efforts to reduce pollution from industry, it could become costly for some of our major sectors in Northern BC.

“These are good goals to try and achieve but the question will be we are already in a situation, in particular, our forests sector where they are already high-cost producers and what you’re talking about is adding more burden and more cost on to industries that are struggling.”

As of 2040, the government will only allow the sale of zero-emission cars in BC.