It’s not the price, it’s the principal when it comes to CNC’s tuition increase.

The college announced last week that tuition would be going up by 2%, which president Henry Reiser said means about five dollars a course, however, for the student union the issue is that the province should be paying that.

“We see it every year, and we don’t support it. It just makes it more and more unaffordable for students to access education,” said Student Union organizer Harman Dandiwal.   

According to him, while the cost of running college goes up every year, the province hasn’t increased funding to match that.

“It just doesn’t align fundamentally with us, we still think all of the colleges should be funded don’t have to keep raising tuition fees every year.”

On a positive note, the estimated $120,000.00 extra the school will be receiving from the hike will be going towards student supports.