Though stressful for most, emergencies and evacuations can be particularly overwhelming for people with brain injuries.

After seeing a need in the community, the Prince George Brain Injured Group (PGBIG) recently applied for, and received, $40,000 from the Disability Alliance BC to set up a Preparing for Wildfire and Other Emergencies project for people with brain injuries and other disabilities.

Alison Hagreen of PGBIG of the said there are different issues to consider for people with brain injuries in a crisis situation.

“For me, if there is an emergency; I jump in my car, which is in my driveway, take my credit card, and I can do what needs to be done, without any kit or anything.”

“If you’re living in financial poverty, or if you have mobility issues or transportation issues, all of those things reduce your ability to evacuate.”   

Hagreen said the program will run for the whole year and will offer training, kits and information. They are also hoping to spread the program out to nearby communities like Vanderhoof.