Northern residents stood in solidarity with postal workers this weekend.

Amidst the ongoing struggle for an agreement to be reached between Canada Post and the union, events across the country were held for people to show their support for postal workers.

The union is entering its second month of rotating strikes, and a back-work legislation was passed by the Senate just last week, forcing mail carriers back on the job.  

Clark Rasmussen, local president of CUPW-812, said the turn-out at Canada Games Plaza on Saturday was better than he expected and the support has been overwhelming.

According to him, the fight is not just about the postal workers, but to show solidarity for all unions across Canada.  

“When you’re breaking someone’s constitutional rights under the Charter, that’s something we have to take seriously. It’s for all workers, not just for us, it’s for our kids, promises have been broken.”  

“This is a fight we’re going to win, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have to rethink things. As far as our bargaining goes, a deal can still be made at the table and we would welcome that,” said Rasmussen.