Cole Kelly, My PG Now


Prince George RCMP responded to a call of an explosion near Landooz Road, north of PG.

Residents within several kilometres were evacuated as a precaution, but the evacuation zone has since been reduced to one kilometre.

Residents previously evacuated can return home.

No injuries were reported; the only reported damage is to the pipeline itself.

The explosion involved an Enbridge natural gas pipeline, according to RCMP, and the gas supply has been shut down.

“I saw the smoke, threw my stuff on, and I thought I was just going to drive and check it out,” explains one female witness who was near the scene.

“As I started driving down my street I saw more flames and more flames, and they were getting higher and higher. I just decided to get out.”

No indication of a cause has been determined. Further updates will be provided on Wednesday.

Unconfirmed reports say the fire has been put out. Witnesses say they cannot see smoke or flames anymore.

The City of Prince George has set up an emergency centre due to the fire. The fire is near the Shelley Reserve and the area is being evacuated.


A pipeline explosion has been confirmed to be the reason for a large fire outside of Prince George.

Witnesses near the scene say they heard ‘explosion-like noises’.

Prince George Fire Rescue is on scene.

A spokesperson has confirmed no Fortis BC infrastructure is on fire and they are monitoring the situation.

More to come…