A family is searching for a person who was at the scene of their relative’s death.

On August 1st of 2015, Kyle Bohati died in a car accident about a kilometre past the Mackenzie Junction in Prince George. According his cousin, Samantha Trarback, police told the family there was a person at the scene when he passed away but would not release their identity.

“He was conscious when they got there, the person asked if anyone was with him (Bohati), he said no and then passed away right there,” said Trarback.

According to Trarback, Bohati was going to get tools for work when he lost control of the vehicle.

“It was quite a bad car accident, he was tossed from the vehicle. I know it had to be really traumatic for someone to watch. I just want to give them something to show how thankful we are that he wasn’t alone.”

Trarback said she was looking for closure in finding the person, and that she’d like to get them a gift card as well.

“I wasn’t ready until now, a lot of stuff happened after he passed away, the family took it really hard and just none of us were ready at that time,” she said.  

Anyone with information on the witness can reach Trarback at samanthatrarback@hotmail.com