The Canadian Taxpayers Federation had some choice words on how the government should be spending tax money.

According to Kris Sims, provincial director for the federation, the government of BC needs to balance the budget and stop jacking up taxes while “attacking jobs.”

Sims presented five of the federation’s most important issues to the Select Standing Committee in Prince George this morning. The committee is made up of a panel of MLAs who travel around the province annually, to hear from groups on how to best spend taxpayers money.

The CTF was urging the government to cancel the carbon tax completely, eliminate the Employer Health Tax (EHT) and open up ICBC to competition. Also on the list were balancing the budget and following through with the Trans Mountain pipeline.

“This government managed to balance the budget last year by slapping job creators and cities with a new employer tax and double dipping it with the Medical Services Premium tax,” said Sims.

“They created the EHT, the Speculation Tax and they jacked up the carbon tax while managing to strangle the Trans Mountain pipeline.”  

She said the government is “double dipping” on the EHT.

“That’s a bad thing, that’s going to be taking a lot of money out of cities and towns, like right here in Prince George. They’re going to have to be facing the idea of raising property taxes now in order to pay for this brand new health care tax that has been imposed on them from Victoria.”

The provincial debt in B.C is currently more than $66,000,000,000.