Prince George barely missed breaking a new overnight low record as the summer season ends with a resounding thud.

Residents were breaking out the winter parkas during various points on Wednesday, with the daytime high in the low single digits.

Despite how cold it was, it didn’t quite smash any records.

“We hit a high of eight-point-seven degrees Celsius but the coldest daytime high was five-point-zero degrees back in 1936 and overnight, we got down to minus six-point-five and the record was minus seven-point-two in 1927,” said Dave Wray, Environment Canada Meteorologist.

He adds our best chance to smash any records might actually come today.

“Today we have a better chance of reaching a low daytime high with a daytime high of seven degrees Celsius as it might break a previous record of seven-point-three back in 1992”

Temperatures are not expected to warm up until next with conditions reaching the double-digits.