The Chutanli Lake Wildfire near Vanderhoof is almost under control according to the BC Wildfire Service.

The rain and cooler conditions continue to make life easy for crews on the front lines.

“Containment is up to 95% so we’re almost up to 100% and then we would change the status to under control, we still have 76 firefighters out there and are just working on mop up and patrol and they have released most of the equipment,” said Amanda Reynolds, Fire Information Officer.

She adds the weather shift has made all the difference.

“We’ve had a decrease in temperatures and some recent rainfall, Monday and Sunday night we received quite a bit of precipitation which has helped and the weather always helps us with fire suppression and we’re continuing in that downward trend.”

“Weather is such a huge part when we are doing fire suppression if we’re getting rain or not getting rain if we’re getting wind or hot and dry conditions – it can all make a difference and make it difficult for fire suppression efforts and I think as we’ve gotten this wetter, cooler, drying trend the smoke has cleared which has been fantastic and has allowed all of our aviation assault to be able to help with our fire suppression efforts.”

Resources will continue to dwindle and will be distributed to some of the larger fires once the Chutanli blaze is under control.