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Northern Health issues helpful Easter tips

For those wanting to indulge in a delicious meal on Easter Sunday should listen to these tips from Northern Health.

Population Health Dietician, Rebecca Larson says some healthier food alternatives are available.

“Serving up something green like asparagus or a leafy green salad. Choosing whole wheat bread for your stuffing and adding chopped apples or cranberries, walnuts, carrots or celery is also good a choice and for dessert choose something fruit and dairy.”

Even the easter basket does not have to contain all chocolate according to Larsen.

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“Include some non-food items in your easter basket and hunts to add variety, there are just as fun as the candies and chocolate, things like stickers and coloring books are just as fun.”

Dental Hygienist, Kelly Esponenko says the best time to have a chocolate is either after lunch or dinner.

Too much sugar can turn acid in the mouth and if chocolate is consumed too often numerous acid attacks occur on the teeth destroying the enamel.

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