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“Canadians should be very afraid” of Budget says Doherty

Cariboo – Prince George MP Todd Doherty says Canadians “should be very afraid” of the large deficit planned by the Trudeau Liberals.

The Conservative MP panned the budget for lacking support for the resource sector in BC.

“I would have loved to of seen a jobs plan and that’s not what we’ve seen… Their big investment in high speed transit does nothing to create jobs in Cariboo – Prince George.”

Doherty is also the Deputy Critic of Indigenous Affairs and says the the 8.4 billion in aboriginal funding is short on details.

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“I’ve challenged the government over the last three months, we keep asking for a plan. Tell us how you are going to do this, they continued to tell us to wait for today and today we saw that they threw money at it with no real plan on how to get there.”

Doherty added the lack of a plan from the Liberal government to get back into black ink is very troubling.

“And nothing to get the 1.4 million Canadians that are out of work, and highest unemployment rate we’ve faced in three years down”

However, he said the reopening of the shuttered veterans affairs office is one thing he can get behind.

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