We are just days away from the Stanley Cup celebrations happening in Prince George.

Former Prince George Cougar Brett Connolly will be at the CN Centre on Monday to present lord Stanley to hockey fans in the Northern Capital.

He says he’s gearing up for a crazy day.

“There will be a lot of people there I haven’t seen for a long time. I’m just excited to share this with a lot of people. It’s obviously, very exciting and I’m going there with an opened mind. I’m sure what I expect it’s going to be will be ten times better than that.”

“I want to see a lot of kids out there,” Connolly added. “I want to see young kids who play hockey and, really, share this with as many people as possible.”

Since winning the Stanley Cup with the Washington Capitals, Connolly has taken part in different Cup parties.

“I’ve been to two, Tom Wilson’s and Demonte Smith Pelly’s in Toronto. Those were amazing parties and there is nothing like a Stanley Cup Party.”

Connolly will receive the cup on Monday around 9AM and has all day to do what he wants with it until midnight.

Doors for the celebration at the CN Centre will open at 10AM where fans can get a picture with Connolly and the Cup.

More information on the silent auction and merchandise can be found here.