The loss of Greyhound Canada services in western Canada will cut deep especially in northern BC, says Prince George – Valemount MLA Shirley Bond.

One month after initial route cancellations in the region, Greyhound announced its plans to extinguish all routes in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

The Liberal Bond says this service will be a devastating loss.

“There are people who rely on Greyhound for their personal transportation needs so it’s about safety it’s about accessibility, it’s about quality of life.

“I had a woman who was visually impaired who relied on Greyhound, I had a priest who used the Greyhound to travel throughout his parish, those kinds of things,” she continues.

“We take for granted the fact that that service is going to be there.”

Bond recognized the work being done by the current NDP government in its efforts to figure out a suitable replacement program for residents, such as BC Bus North.

Once routes a halted, the only service available in BC will be from Vancouver to Seattle. While it is a Greyhound bus service, it is dictated through an American company.

This round of cuts will be implemented October 31st.