Weather conditions should be a lot calmer in Vanderhoof as the weekend approaches.

With the Summer Solstice taking place yesterday, local residents are looking forward to the warm season.

The chances of getting an intense rain today aren’t as high when compared to the past 48 hours.

“The atmosphere is a lot more stable today (Friday) and our precipitation chances have been taken down a few notches when compared to the last few days. Today, we’re looking at a mix of sun and cloud with the daytime high is just about going to be what it was on Thursday with a high of 26,” says Matt Loney, Environment Canada Meteorologist.

Saturday will be hot and sunny with a high of 26 degrees.

However, Sunday will be a much different story altogether.

“Most of Sunday should be looking ok during the morning hours but as the late day rolls around we do have a cold front and I do the potential for some wind and thunderstorms and then on Monday it will be trending much cooler and showery initially on Monday morning.”

The Nechako Valley was under a severe thunderstorm watch for the second straight day on Thursday, but unlike Wednesday’s intense storm courtesy of Mother Nature, yesterday was a lot milder.

“There were some thunderstorms yesterday where we had warnings out and the heavy rain that we saw from some of the cells happened to miss Prince George, some heavier cells did pass just to the north in places like Bear Lake that saw a localized downpour.”

Eighteen millimetres of rain fell in Prince George on Wednesday night causing flash flooding along 5th and Tabor and at facilities such as Kin 1 where some water pooled into one of the entrances.