WestJet Link has officially launched in Prince George.

In partnership with Pacific Coastal Airlines, direct flights will be made between the city and Calgary.

This is the third time a PG to Calgary flight has been attempted by WestJet.

“The difference in years past is we’ve had much larger aircraft and we just were not able to fill enough of the seats to make those events profitable,” explains WestJet Executive Vice President Charles Duncan.

There will be one flight per day to start. The plane will have 34 seats and a flight attendant.

This is currently the only direct flight expansion out of PG for WestJet.

“If we added a flight to Edmonton, that would actually pull guests off the Calgary flight and might undermine it,” Duncan says, using Edmonton as an example.

“It’s a building block approach, we’re going to get Calgary to work and be strong, and at the point where we’re turning away guests and we’ve got more reservations and more demand than we have seats. We will then make a decision on if we add a second flight to Calgary or ask where those guests are going and maybe it would be time for a nonstop [flight] to that point.”

A round trip will cost about $300.