Nanaimo NDP MLA and Caucus Chair Leonard Krog announced he is running for Mayor in that city

It should be an interesting couple of months in the BC Legislature.

The plot is expected to thicken as an NDP MLA is running for the Mayor’s job in Nanaimo, and if elected would make the government’s minority even slimmer.

Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond shared her thoughts on the matter and has a connection to the politician who’s running.

“I should just say personally, I have worked with Leonard Krog as he was my critic when I was the Attorney General and we have a very collegial relationship – he’s a very talented and skilled MLA so I’m sure he’s going to work very hard to win that seat.”

With a political a whirlwind on the horizon, Bond says it’s very important for BC residents especially those in the north stay on top of important issues that have a major impact on day-to-day life.

“It does set up the possibility of equal seats in the legislature putting the speaker in a position to break the tie but those details are a long way down the road [October] – what I want to encourage residents to do is to stay on top of issues and get engaged on things like proportional representation.”

“Coalition governments, minority governments are always a challenge and that’s why this particular decision by Leonard Krog creates some uncertainty in the legislature, it is a strongly held NDP seat and has been for a significant amount of time, even in the event that Leonard is successful there are no guarantees as it would be a tough, hard-fought by-election and we will continue to bring issues forward.”

If the Liberals win the by-election, it would level the playing field at 43 seats aside forcing a tie-breaker vote in Victoria or another provincial election.

Further complicating matters, speaker Daryl Plecas is an independent after being ousted by the Liberal party last year.

However, history is not on the parties side as the NDP has won 12 of the last 14 elections in that riding.

Three seats within the minority government are being occupied by the BC Greens.