An initiative on strengthening communities across the province is being inclusive with a Northern BC institution.

UNBC is one of four universities teaming up to find a better way to sustainable infrastructure and impact for students and surrounding social circles.

The collaboration, which will also see the helping hands of BCIT, Simon Fraser University (SFU), and Vancouver Island University (VIU), will focus on the following ‘action areas:’

  • Green, sustainable campuses & community building
  • Indigenous entrepreneurship & social finance
  • Social procurement
  • Library outreach & community scholar programs

“Collaboration is a core tenet of the post-secondary world,” says UNBC President Dr. Daniel J. Weeks in a statement.

“Having four leading institutions come together to drive social innovation not only sets an example for other types of institutions to emulate, but positions the post-secondary sector as thought leaders and innovators.”

According to the announcement, UNBC and company will share policies, with a goal of encouraging progress to scale-up certain practices and to tackle any future challenges in social infrastructure.

The initiative is being supported and funded by the McConnell Foundation, but the amount is unknown.