The unstable weather plaguing Vanderhoof will continue into the weekend according to Environment Canada.

A stormy day could be upon us.

“We’re looking at a pretty good risk of thunderstorms even with some strong wind gusts reaching up to 80 kilometres an hour if the line of thunderstorms develops and moves through the Prince George area, we could even see a risk of hail as well,” says Jennifer Hay, Meteorologist.

A high of 19 degrees is being predicted for today.

Hay adds the rest of the weekend could see similar conditions.

“Moving into the weekend, it looks like continuing unsettled conditions with some scattered thunderstorms around, it looks like today (Friday) is going to be the highest-risk day that carries on through the weekend and it doesn’t get nice and sunny until Monday.”

A high of 13 degrees with some cloud cover and with a high of 13 degrees for both days is being predicted.

After a warmer-than-normal May, which turned out to be the hottest on record in the province, June has been anything but with cooler and wetter conditions plaguing the north.

“May was incredible as it was warm and dry as well as record-breaking in a lot of locations, that seems to happen a lot of years. May is this transition month from kind of the winter into a nice gorgeous spring and then June we call ‘upper-low month’ because the upper-lows hang around and give us cloudy and cool conditions. It’s pretty common actually.”