College of New Caledonia President Henry Reiser

College of New Caledonia President Henry Reiser has issued a response to yesterday’s tragic incident involving one of their own.

A female student was on her way to class just before 5 pm when she was struck and later killed by a 47-year woman and the vehicle she was in.

When police arrived, they found out the driver was impaired by alcohol and was later taken into custody.

They’re doing all they can for the students and staff who are shaken up by this tragedy.

“We’ve lowered the flag, we’re offering extensive councilling support for students and staff – the college community has set up a memorial for the student and we also know of a Go Fund Me camping.”

“Right, now it’s been a very traumatic event for not only the students who witnessed it and the classmates but also our staff as well.”

The page has raised over $25,000 to this point and a link can be found here.

Reiser adds they reached out to the victim’s family who is located in India and are making the proper arrangements.

“I spoke to the parents last evening and we are working at trying to repatriate the student with their family.”

He says CNC is also looking into a possible overpass/underpass for it’s within the area of where the accident took place so this doesn’t happen again to any other students.